It is an adventure full of attractions and differentials such as downwind itself, wonderful landscapes, differentiated tour (safari) and finally, Lençóis Maranhenses.

The trip will have the following sections:
  • Jericoacoara – Barra Grande – 100 km (straight line) – With support car;
  • Barra Grande – Delta do Parnaíba – 55 km (straight line) – With support car (partialy);
  • Delta do Parnaíba – Tutóia – 70 km (straight line) – No support car;
  • Tutóia – Atins – 60 km (straight line) – With support car (partialy).


  • This trip is not for everyone. The rider must to have experience in downwind and good physical capacity. Part of the trip requires the rider to be able to ride great distances at high speed.
  • The first part (Jeri – Barra Grande) is an interesting test to check your conditions. It is a long distance part (100 km) with support car in the beach. Other parts have points where the car will meet us and the penultimate part (Delta do Parnaíba to Tutóia) there is no support of the vehicle. 
  • The value is justified by the whole structure applied to provide greater safety (support vehicles, guides and lifeguards) and comfort for the participants. 


The cost to participate is R$ 3500.00/rider. We need at least 24 riders.
It is  included in the package:
  • Three (03) experienced guides (kite instructors) will be in the water offering safety, assistance and indicating path and stopping points.
  • One (01) professional lifeguard will be in the support car.
  • Three (03) support vehicles accompanying the group by land, where it is allowed.
  • Two (02) overnight stay with breakfast in Jericoacaora/CE. One before and the other after the kite trip.
  • An overnight stay with breakfast at each stop of the trip (Barra Grande, Delta do Parnaíba, Tutóia and Atins).
  • Some sandwich (bread, ham and cheese), fruits, water and juice at support points.
  • A dinner without alcohool at the end of every day (Barra Grande, Delta do Parnaíba, Tutóia and Atins).
  • A boat trip to see the birds in the Parnaíba Delta and night safari.
  • A free day to visit the dunes and lagoons at Lençóis Maranhenses.
  • Transfer to Jericoacoara/CE.
  • Video and photos of the group during the kite trip. If you are interested in individual photos you must hire the photographer.


This trip was planned to provide greater comfort for the riders
  • We have selected the resources to minimize the risks (experienced guides, support vehicles, lifeguards).
  • Overnight (before and after) were included in the package to avoid logistical problems and delays.
  • Food included so you do not have to worry about that.
  • Let us know if you are not interested in the benefits.


It is not included in the package:
  • Airline tickets.
  • Transfer to Jericoacoara/CE before the kite trip.
  • Extra expenses (drinks, for example).
  • Dinner at Atins/MA (free day).
  • Tours (except the boat trip in Delta do Parnaíba).