Here we present a checklist of essential items you must verify before Kite Trip.

Keep in mind this is a very long trip and safety is very important. If you identify any important item left out of the list, please send us an E-mail.

Essential Items to check:
 Sport insurance ;
 Read the Risks page;
 Experience guide;
 Rider must know hot to swim;
 Rider must know hot to do serfl rescue, watch some videos here;
 At least three pumps with the group;
 Kiteboarding gear in good condition (kites 9m and 12m, 2 bars, board, harness and leash);
 Repair kit;
 Sun protectorr;
 hat or similar (helmet);
 Sun glasses;
 Water (camelback);
 Floating accessory (vest);
 Any light-signalling device (wristband);
 Food (cereal bar, etc);
 Waterproof camera;
Waterproof cellphone;
Personal navigation device (GPS, cellphone, etc);